Hi, my name is Catharine and welcome to Creatively Everyday.

Creatively is my blog, where I share my journey as I try to live a sustainable, mindful and burden free lifestyle, every day.

My main focus is sustainability and more specifically, sustainable living, as I try to limit my footprint on the earth.

My life is in no way a ‘finished article’, so I don’t share anything with the intention that it should be copied blindly, but only with the hope that it might aid someone else in their journey to live intuitively and happily!

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Join me and my partner in making things and just generally being creative.

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Be Sustainable, Every Day.

Sustainability is a huge part of my life. My journey started as a girl who cared about the environment, about wildlife, about the ozone layer, but who didn’t understand how her own actions impacted the planet. This led to me making irresponsible choices. A huge issue I have faced is my propensity to waste things. Realising this has led to sustainability being top of my personal improvement list.

Catharine Kyle in a Tree

For the past few years, I have been learning more and more about how the choices we make have real-world implications.

I’ve made it my own personal mission to try and reduce the fallout from choices I make every day, and I’ve decided to share my experiences and findings, in the hope that others who are interested may find them useful.

Catharine Kyle
Catharine Kyle
Catharine Kyle and Sylvie
Catharine and Sylvie on a day out
Catharine Kyle in a tree with water bottle
Catharine in a tree with her water bottle

Creatively Everyday Partner Perspective.

Joe Cullen - Creatively Everyday

“So, mindfulness, sustainability, creativity and regular exercise. Right, better get on board…”

It may or may not come as a shock to you, but your partner is going to be going on a similar journey to you. I have allowed my partner to have his own section and blog space so that he can tell his perspective on what we are doing.

Now to be fair, he does all of the technical stuff that I have no clue about. He sits there for hours editing videos and making me look fantastic. Whatever. It’s his job! He does all that business stuff and likes it – he is lucky to be involved!

If you would like to see what Joe is doing and get an insight into what it is like to be working and living with a blogger, head over to the Partner Perspective page.