Creatively Everyday helps you make changes to your lifestyle or business that positively influence those around you. We help look after the environment and local communities by raising awareness and by encouraging sustainable living.

We do all of this in a creative and fun way so before you think ‘not another save-the-planet’, take a look at some of the great activities we offer can you!

Creatively Everyday

We divide our information, activities and offerings into three categories: Sustainability, Environmental and Social.

If you are new to our website start with our Sustainability section. You will learn how to make changes around your household without it causing additional work, effecting your routine, or costing you anything. We find most people save money by moving to an eco-friendly approach.

What We Do


Sustainability has two core dictionary definitions, Creatively Everyday takes both meanings into consideration when using the word and combines sustainability with maintainable lifestyle changes.

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avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance


Maintaining an ecological balance is our core philosophy, Creatively Everyday help the environment and maintain its natural resources for as long as possible. Our mission is to advise and encourage you on the best ways to adopt sustainability and be environmentally sustainable.


the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level


We know how important sustainability is, well, sustainable. By following our advice you will see that changes are effortless, easy to keep up and often give additional benefits. Creatively Everyday present you with easy, manageable suggestions. We have lots of things to try, come and fine right approach for you. It is key to maintaining an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Everything we do is based around the environment and helping preserve what is fundamentally important. However we could not do any of it without your help. You play an important role in minimizing waste, pollution and moving to a sustainable lifestyle.

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We provide you with the information, knowledge and tools to do the right thing, but you are the one that has to take action to preserve the environment as we know it.

To stress the importance of our environment we highlight the best natural sites, things to do and places to visit. This ranges from wildlife watching to camping and dog walking. We raise awareness of projects going on in your local communities, so you can get involved.

We do not only advise on where you can go, we attend as many events and places of interest as possible and give you personal reviews and guidelines on the best activities. Of course, there is something for everyone out there, you just need to know your preferences and we can help you with the rest!

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Get Involved

Put on your boots and check out all the wonderful things happening in Suffolk! We recommend trying these pages:


Creatively Everyday relies on you promoting good lifestyle choices and showing your friends and family that being sustainable and thinking about the environment is not that hard! Take the time to encourage a sustainable living lifestyle and help our environment by showing loved ones how it can be done. Our biggest challenge is helping people understand what impact socially accepted behavior can have on the environment.

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The lack of awareness around environmental issues coupled with large businesses introducing damaging or harmful substances in order to make a bigger sales margin has been crippling. Awareness is starting to spread and some of these companies have started making considerable investment into solving these problems. Whilst we could argue they shouldn’t have ever been allowed to begin with, lets work productively together to raise awareness and minimize the use of harmful product. Spread the word!

How Creatively Everyday Works

Creatively Everyday wants to help you become more sustainable and environmentally friendly by raising awareness and showing you how to be sustainable. Now that you have seen an overview of what we do, its time for you to jump into one of the three key categories (sustainability, environmental and social) and find out how you can be sustainable today!

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