My Collections.

When starting Creatively Everyday, it was a challenge. Me and my partner had to work out how to work together. How to overcome difference of opinion and agree on an approach. It wasn’t easy as we both had different but relevant ideas. As it turned out, it wasn’t just a business venture, it was a lifestyle and mindset change. And looking back on our achievements so far, everything has been challenging to the point it motivates us. It keeps us working hard towards the end goal. For me, the main point is there is an end goal – a finish line – sometime in the future when it stops, and I can rest. I am calling these Collections.

I have decided to keep on challenging myself (and by extension, Joe) by setting challenges for us to accomplish. These are to motivate me, and so that I can see the end goal. I work well this way. These challenges are like small projects where I focus my time to get something done. As I have mentioned in my very first post, procrastination can get the better of me, but when there is an end point in sight and when we both work at the same thing, we are always successful (so far anyway!)

Creatively Everyday Collections.

I am calling these challenges Collections, simply because a ‘challenge’ is inflexible, which puts pressure on achieving it. My definition of collection is similar, but allows for the flexibility and takes into consideration I’m a mum, sometimes I cannot do what I have planned and things need to be flexible.

So without further ado…

On here you will see all the collectionsI have started, completed and in progress. I encourage you to join me in completing any of the challenges yourself and participating on the ones that interest you.

This page is not about taking you through the challenge step-by-step, rather, it is the finished product of challenging myself. If you want ‘how to’ or ‘follow along’ challenges let me know, we could add this into each challenge we setup!

Current Collection.

21 Blog Posts

Catharine Kyle writing a blog post - Collections

This is particularly difficult for me as I’m a writer, I like my writing to be perfect, and this challenge will not allow me to have a perfectly written blog post, its forcing me out of my comfort zone to progress Creatively Everyday’s blog. Eeek!

Completed Collections.

19 Minutes, 19 Days

I challenged myself to do at least 19 minutes of exercise for 19 days in a row, for NHS Together during the COVID-19 outbreak.