Creatively Everyday

Creatively Everyday was founded in 2019 by Catharine Kyle and Joe Cullen. It launched in January 2020 with the key intention to raise awareness around sustainable living and encourage creative ideas.

Catharine Kyle

My name is Catharine and welcome to Creatively Everyday.

I’m a mum, a dog mum, a writer, a wannabe DIY’er and a well-meaning crafter. I’m trying to live honestly, openly and sustainably and I’ve found that some of the things I do are of interest to others. So, here is my online jack-of-all-trades portfolio.

You can read, watch or look at my content, the Creatively Everyday blog is a good place to get started.

Thank you for dropping by, I hope you will pop back again soon!

Joe Cullen

My name is Joe and welcome to Creatively Everyday.

I’m a dad, a dog owner, a business owner, an IT expert and always looking to better myself and learn from my experiences.

I’m trying to keep a roof over our heads and to be able to live a lifestyle that encourages a happy family. Catharine is very passionate about sustainable living and I support everything she does (emotionally, physically and technically).

Daniel Cullen

My name is Daniel and welcome to Creatively Everyday.

I’m known as ‘bear-cub’ and watch mummy and daddy do everything on this website. It can be frustrating at times because they work so much. I spend lots of time playing and also like to play tug-of-war with the dogs.

My favourite activity is being outside and going for walks with the dogs. Daddy carries me on his back for the longer hikes, sucker.