What is our ethos?

In life, I’m attempting to live as intuitively as possible and my ethos is based around this intuition and how it brings me happiness and contentment. In terms of Creatively Everyday this manifests as articles, videos and pictures on (roughly) the following themes:

  • Sustainable living
  • Creative endeavours – DIY, craft, home, garden etc.
  • Natural parenting
  • Spending time in nature

Creatively is partly a diary of my journey. I am constantly learning and attempting new things and will be documenting as I go, and I am sharing my current experiences with you. My life is in no way a ‘finished article’, so I don’t share anything with the intention that it should be copied blindly, but only with the hope that it might aid someone else in their journey to live intuitively and happily!

What isn’t?

Segregation. Everyone is welcome here and there are no requirements for enjoyment, involvement or participation.

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